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Customized Industrial Generators in Sri Lanka

With having a past history on customer satisfied leading generator supplier of CPG (Circom Power Generation) brand diesel generators in sri lanka, you can continue to rely on Circom Power Technologies pvt Ltd with unmatchable extensive warranty scheme being introduced when purchasing a wide range brand new equipment at a most competitive generator price in sri lanka.

We offer a ‘single supplier solution’ that caters for all your needs. As well as offering world’s biggest brands like Cummins, Perkins combination with Stamford, Leroy-somer alternators taken to supply our own custom-built power generators in sri lanka, including containerized solutions, which are customized and engineered to our customer’s preferred requirements. Discuss your needs with us today to find out how we can help you. Important factor is, all our generators are specially designed to suit for sri lankan tropical situations. We are ready to consult to design next generator set accordance to your preferred generator Engine brand, Alternator brand and even Control system for robust trouble free operation.

Customized Industrial Generators in Sri Lanka Personalized Industrial Generators in Sri Lanka Specialized Industrial Generators in Sri Lanka

Throughout getting in touch with customers very closely, we were able to identify about technical difficulties arising when they selecting a suitable capacity generator set against their demand. By observing that shortfalls having at customers end, we leaped forward by introducing sri lanka’s first online generator selection technical supporting website in order to full fill such a gap had with customers and us.

NO MORE ANY TECHNICAL HASSLE TO SELECT YOUR GENERATOR SET, WE ARE AT BACK END TO SUPPORT…….All our generators are most suitable for sri lankan tropical conditions.

Now, you may simply follow the instructions given in application forms and possible to obtain our e-quote with a draft summery of your request by e’mail itself. We are at back end to provide technical assistance just calling us on 0776078427 whenever if needed.


Specify Project/Purpose to get your E-Quote

Project Type :

Discover a diverse capacities of tropicalized our special generators

Discover a Diverse capacity of Generators in Sri lanka

Supplying total range of CPG diesel generators are under prime rate power applications in sri lanka. Ranging from 25KVA to 1500KVA generators are possible to manufacture as open sets, or fully enclosed in mild steel, stainless steel or aluminum canopies, with noise levels as low as 65db(A)@1M. Circom Power sri lanka continue to embrace the values of providing exceptional levels of service in delivering quality, reliable, on-time and competitive one-stop power solutions covering the extensive range of CPG power generators sri lanka. It was all done with a focus on providing our customers with useful innovations, smart technical advice and solid aftermarket services.

24X7 Customer Support

industrial generators support in sri lanka

Our service teams ready to attend your critical or difficult time during pandemic situations even while imposing curfew. Service experience is only a phone call away. Call now 0776078427 we’re ready to do support you.

Generator Parts & Accessories

generator parts and accessories in Sri Lanka

Circom Power is a specialist ONE STOP generator spares shop for your generator parts & accessories. Genuine and reliable generator parts and accessories Call now 0776078427 we’re ready to support you


Generator Set Sizing(Capacity) Selector - Option 1

If you have a basic idea about required generator capacity, then choose a one from following which is most suitable to your project. Unless then go to the "NEXT STEP" to follow OPTION-2.

Rating : Prime Voltage : 3P|400v|50Hz

Size(Capacity) :

We’re here to help!

best generator support service in Sri Lanka

If you’d like to know more about our generator services, book a service on your current generator, have us assist scoping your project, or want a better deal call now 0776078427 we’re ready to do help

Maintenance Contract Ensures you:

maintenance contract for generators in sri lanka

• Uninterrupted Power Supply for All Your Needs
• Consistent & Reliable Scheduled Servicing
• Priority Callout Servicing in Emergencies
• Discounted Service Rates
• Peace of Mind
• Efficiency & Reliability


Generator Set Sizing(Capacity) Selector - Option 2

If you are not having an exact idea about to select required capacity generator to meet with your demand, then please furnish following information for us to assist you. Your choice shall only be 1 from A, B, or C categories ( Ex- If i choose "B", then also shall select number of connections available under 30A or 60A) Contact us on 0776078427 if any further technical support needed.

A) There is no CEB/LECO supply to my business place at present:-


B) CEB/LECO supply is available to my business place at present:- It's Amperage Rating & number of connections as follows;
Amperage Rating - buy industrial generators in Sri Lanka

#30AMP/3-Phase Connections


#60AMP/3-Phase Connections

C) Existing CEB/LECO ( Commercial ) bulk supply:

If your commercial connection is differ from above and owes a dedicated transformer which installed in your business premises, then please furnish us it's capacity rating. Contact us on 0776078427 if any further technical support needed.

Capacity Rating :

( Eg - 100Kva,250Kva )

Upload supporting Documents/Photos

Also attach scan copy of electricity bills, if possible

Max. size: 128.0 MB

Also we undertake repair/services on other European branded generators. Whatever services you require, Circom Power has the expertise and experience to keep you up

repair and service of generators in Sri Lanka

Let's recognize the needs for regular and professional generator service. Whether in continuous use or as backup solutions, regular and proper maintenance averts costly breakdowns and downtime. Generator parts wear and tear is something that you cannot avoid but you can prevent it from inconveniencing you. The best solution, ensure you have an expert regularly service your generator to prevent breakdown. 


Select Generator Type

open type generators for sale in sri lanka canopy or sound attenuated type generators for sale in sri lanka

Generator Type :

Select Warranty Required

Required warranty Period :

Customer Information



Mobile Contact Number

Company / Organization Name


City, where generator to be installed/Any special comments

World’s Best Generator Engine Brands

Cummings industrial generators prices and for sale in sri lanka
Perkins industrial generators prices and for sale in sri lanka

World’s Best Alternator Brands

stamford industrial Alternator prices and for sale in sri lanka
leroy somer industrial Alternator prices and for sale in sri lanka

World’s Best Generator Controller

deep sea electronics industrial Generator Controller prices and for sale in sri lanka
best industrial generators with warranty in Sri Lanka

Extensive Warranty

CPG offers an extensive manufacturing warranty. It ranges from 12 to 60 months, depending on the engine brand to give our customers the peace of mind they deserve. CPG ensures the robustness of our high-quality power generators is reinforced by responsibility in customer service to maximize the engine life of your diesel generator.

best industrial generators and courses in Sri Lanka

Customer Support Product Training Courses

Circom Power Technologies Pvt Ltd have been providing high quality training on an local & international basis. Courses are offered to all our customers and subjects range from introduction to gensets, to more advanced topics for experienced personnel. Unique generator technology training is delivered by committed training staff.

best affordable industrial generators in Sri Lanka

Introducing 1st time in Sri Lanka.......


We touch most important areas to a deep analyze

Beyond regular services carrying out in every 250 hrs or 6 months, do you have a confidence about your Standby generator set would perform in good health condition during a power cut???????
Call us now 0776078427 we’re ready to Check …

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